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Florida Dog Academy

Florida Dog Academy - German Shepherds in Florida

Florida Dog Academy "Florida Dog Academy is here to create bonds that will last forever." We are professional dog trainers and breeders who are based out of Florida. We have for sale top-of-the-line German Shepherd dogs and puppies from the finest blood-lines in Florida.

We Offer the Finest German Shepherds in Florida

Whether you are seeking a working-line or a show-line dog, or simply a furry and friendly companion to include in your family, we have them all. We offer the top European German Shepherds in Florida. Additionally, with more than 40 years of experience in dog training in Florida, we offer a wide variety of dog training services, such as basic obedience, Schutzhund, explosive and narcotic detection, cadaver recovery as well as search and rescue.

"Florida Dog Academy is here to create bonds that will last forever!"

We Want to Share Our Knowledge With You!

Florida Dog Academy We are focused on client security and safety as well as teaching people how to train and tame your wonderful pet. We will share our knowledge and wisdom with you to the fullest extent so that you can become a dog trainer too!

A Notable List of Endorsements

We have worked together with both Military and Law Enforcement Agencies in the past, abroad and within the United States, providing excellent quality services to our Governmental contractors.

We speak English, German, Spanish and Chinese.

Florida Dog Academy
Our Location in Florida

Dog Training & K9 Services:

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Dog Trainer Academy

VIP Bodyguards

Law Enforcement Dogs

Personal Protection Dogs

K9 Explosive Dogs

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Schutzhund Training

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Florida Dog Academy
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Palm City, FL

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