Florida Dog Academy
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About This Website

FloridaDogAcademy.net is a small business website that was designed to represent a dog training business in Palm City, Florida. It uses basic service descriptions and advertisements to effectively promote dog training services.


This site was designed with PHP7 under strict code compliance and conforms to the guidelines set forth by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium).

Domain & Hosting

The web files and domain name for FloridaDogAcademy.net are owned by the owner of the Florida Dog Academy. The hosting provider and domain registrar is GoDaddy.


This site was built to be user friendly and we hope you will find it informative and fun to use. And of course, we hope it will encourage you to contact us. The site was designed for dog lovers in mind, especially those who appreciate the unique abilities of the German Shepherd breed.


If you need a pet website, you should consider an informative website with an easy-to-use navigational system. The links should be intuitive and highly visible, providing visitors a way to easily navigate through relevant content:

About This Website

"A well-designed website will convey to potential customers that you are running a legitimate dog training business and that you are a responsible and humane dog trainer!"

Florida Dog Academy Our Location in Florida

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Florida Dog Academy
7551 SW Citrus Blvd.
Palm City, FL

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