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About us - Florida Dog Academy

We are a small specialized group of professional dog trainers and dog breeders. We work out of About Us our family owned and operated facility in Florida, offering top-of-the-line German Shepherd dogs for sale. They're from the finest blood-lines that Germany has to offer, as well as high quality German Shepherd puppies.

Klaus Rempis Bio

Trainer and Owner Klaus Rempis began with Schutzhund in 1968 with SV, where he competed both locally and internationally. He started in Stuttgart Moehringen - a Training school for all breeds. He joined Search and Rescue Clubs in Switzerland, and Klaus trained at NATO bases in Stuttgart - Moenchen Gladbach Nuernberg - and trained American Soldiers as a K9 handler. He was in charge of their K9 security. He Titled in Germany through 15 years over 120 dogs in Schutzhund. After 9/11, he was taught by one of the world's best explosive trainer Alfons Fiesler from Germany, subsequently training many police officers from around the world. He started the Florida Dog Academy in 2000 in Palm City, and many students have graduated and are successful dog trainers.

Our Trainers

Chief Trainer Alfons Fiesler is in charge of all explosive and working dogs for the German Border Police (BGS). He is also a judge for DHV Schutzhund dogs, rescue dogs, and working dogs for police and military. His 40 years of experience and training methods have brought him international respect.

Whether you seek a working-line or a show-line dog, or simply a furry and friendly companion to include in your family, we have them all. Additionally, with more than 40 years of experience in dog training, we offer a wide variety of dog training services, such as basic obedience, Schutzhund, explosive and narcotic detection, cadaver recovery as well as search and rescue.

Florida Dog Academy Our Location in Florida

Dog Training & K9 Services:

Florida Dog Academy
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