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Become a Certified Dog Trainer

We're an approved school for dog training!

Want to become a certified dog trainer in Florida? We are an approved trade school for those who are interested in pursuing a career in the field of dog training. If you would like to become a certified dog trainer, we offer a scientific training program that includes the skills necessary to work with dogs.

Training Courses

Becoming a certified dog trainer may seem like a daunting challenge, but we want you to know that you can have confidence in us, as we will help you to realize your dreams of becoming a well-qualified and skilled dog trainer. We have decades of training experience that have been incorporated into our comprehensive and positive motivational training programs. Durations last from 4-6 weeks of hands-on training with a certified dog trainer.

Courses Duration f/p Price
Become a Dog Trainer 6 Weeks f/p 6,950
Schulzhund Trainer 6 Weeks f/p 8,950
Narcotic 6 Weeks f/p 5,950
Explosive 6 Weeks f/p 6,950
Cadaver 4 Weeks f/p 4,950
Search & Rescue 4 weeks f/p 4,950
Protection 4 Weeks f/p 5,950
Kennel-Boarding - - -
Retail Manager 6 Weeks f/p 5,950

We have everything needed to fully teach you how to become a certified dog trainer. Our facility is a large modern compound that is set up for various training methods such as rescue, explosive detecting, drug detecting, body guard, family protection, basic obedience, breeding, boarding and more. You will learn any of the applications you desire, and when you have completed the coarse, you will be ready and fully qualified to start training dogs as a private or government dog trainer.

We also offer part time schedule-housing on our site. The cost is between $150.00 and $250.00 a week.

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If you have aspirations of becoming a certified dog trainer, call the Florida Dog Academy today to register for class enrollment. Let us help you to start an exciting career in the field of dog training!

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