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Schutzhund and the German Shepherd Dog

Schutzhund Dog Training

What is Schutzhund?

Schutzhund is not a specific dog breed. Rather, Schutzhund is a German word meaning "protection dog" and refers to a test that helps determine if a German Shepherd dog can display the appropriate traits and characteristics of a proper working dog.


Schutzhund involves three IPO/Schutzhund titles: IPO1, IPO2, and IPO3. Before a dog can compete for a IPO1, it must pass a temperament test called a B or BH. Schutzhund consists of three phases: tracking, obedience, and protection. A dog must pass all three phases in one trial to be awarded a schutzhund title.

German Shepherds

While other dogs breeds can also participate in the sport of Schutzhund, this particular evaluation test was developed specifically for the German Shepherd Dog. It is intended to reveal whether or not a german shepherd dog has the ability to meet the particular working needs of it's owner.

The Schutzhund Titles

The BH or companion dog title is a pre-requirement for Schutzhund titles. All breeds and sizes are eligible with the minimum age requirements of 15 months.

There are three levels of the Schutzhund testing:

In addition to the temperament tests, the United Schutzhund Clubs of America offer three training degrees: the FH 1 and FH 2, advanced tracking degrees; WH, or basic protection degree which includes basic obedience, and the AD which is an 12.5 mile endurance test and includes obedience. USA also offers six separate obedience and tracking titles that reflect the routines for SchH 1, 2, & 3 levels. Read more information on the dog sport of Schutzhund»

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