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Bomb Sniffing Dogs

Bomb Sniffing Dogs

Dogs, bears and rats are just a few land dwelling animals that have an incredible sense of smell. However, when it comes to choosing which animal is most suited for the job of bomb sniffing, domesticated dogs are always selected for obvious reasons, and the German Shepherd is usually the first choice. Even though there are many breeds of dog that are suitable for bomb sniffing, German Shepherds are preferred because of their intelligence and trainability.

K9 Explosives Detection Dogs

Some bomb components are more odoriferous than others. Take C-4 for example, it has an incredibly strong scent and can be detected by the human nose. Dynamite is less odoriferous, followed by TOVEX, detonating cord, and TNT. When it comes to odor detecting, dogs are better than us at detecting these odors because their noses are longer and bigger than ours. Even though the human nose has some similar features as dogs, a dog's nose can take in more air with each sniff, and the odor goes directly to their highly sensitive odor receptors.

The First Choice

German Shepherds have traditionally been more desirous for many reasons, and their ability to sniff for bombs and explosives residue is certainly no exception. Because the particular breed of German Shepherd can be cross-trained for other functions as well, they are usually chosen over other breeds by the military and law enforcement agencies to detect bombs, explosive residue and other materials that are used in explosive devices.

Saving Human Lives

It may seem unfair to say that a dog's world revolves around it's ability to smell things, but it does seem that dogs spend a lot of time following their nose. And maybe that's part of what makes a dog man's best friend - the ability to detect devices that explode and take human life.








Police Dogs

German Shepherd dogs are common as the preferred choice among local police departments. A police dog is a dog that is specifically trained to assist police personnel in their duties to searching for drugs and explosives, locating missing people, finding crime scene evidence, and attacking people targeted by the police.

Licensed Security Guards

Handler Training

We offer special handler instruction for all dogs we train and supply. Handler instruction and training can be carried out at the Dog Academy or at the location where the dogs will be working. We offer this training locally as well as internationally.

Other Dogs that are certified working dogs:

German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, Rottweilers, Labradors, Doberman Pinschers.. All of our German Shepherds are bred from purebred German bloodlines.

Low Prices

Our prices are very competitive and they are protected by our own Certified Workplace Agreement approved by Regulations Commissions. Our prices are negotiable on an hourly basis depending on type of contract.

Our Trainers

Chief Trainer Alfons Fiesler and owner Klaus Rempis are in charge of all training for working dogs. They are internationally respected, and together, they have decades of experience in training, judging and teaching in the field of dog training and behavior modification.

* We also speak German and Spanish




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