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VIP Protective Bodyguard Services

If you are a VIP, celebrity, executive or just a well-known figure in your local community, FDA will provide you with professional VIP Bodyguard Services. We will provide you with the best VIP protection security based on advanced preparation, planning and liaison strategies. We are highly trained security professionals committed and ready to perform the job of protecting you from harm.

We Consider Your Specific Needs

Good protective services are not necessarily always seen, but they are always present. We know that every situation is different, so we consider the style and specific needs of the client we are protecting and escorting. If you or your event needs advanced protection, FDA can tailor fit a specific security plan to meet your specific needs.

K9 VIP Protective Services

You may have never considered a security dog as a VIP bodyguard, but there are many benefits of choosing a dog over a human bodyguard. A German Shepherd is a popular option, as they are very trainable in many aspects of security and obedience. This breed of dog is a good alternative for VIP's who plan on crossing International borders, without dealing with weapon permits.


German Shepherds behave well while traveling. They are very cooperative when it comes to staying in one spot and not roaming around, such as the cabin of a plane or bus. Although a German Shepherd may need a standard collar and leash restraint, they don't need any special harness or carrier like a cat does. Once you have reached your destination, a German Shepherd can easily adapt from one VIP Bodyguard Services environment to another, as they adapt well when transitioning from moderate climate regions to radical climate regions, and from peaceful environments to noisy environments such as sports venues with large crowds of people.

A German Shepherd dog is also a dedicated friend that will be constantly at your side. It is strong, alert and loyal, and a great choice for a traveling companion. We specialize in protective bodyguard and K-9 protection services for VIP's, executives and celebrities. To read more about our proven training principles, click here Proven Dog Training Principles, or just pick up the phone and call us today for more details.

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